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Microfiber Towels

Start your adventure with the premium high performance Hydroxygen Microfiber Towel, perfect for beach, travel, gym, sports or any wild activity that you decide to take, it's soft fabric is sueded for super absorbency and fast dry and the quality details and compact light design makes it the best company in any adventurous experience.

Hydroxygen Microfiber Beach Towels

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Hydroxygen microfiber towels dry ten times faster than regular towels, it's multi-use design makes it a perfect company for all your adventures and dry so fast that it's like having a fresh towel every time you need to dry off. Try them yourself!


We work with the best high performance fabric in the industry, designed for soothing comfort and super absorbency. Hydroxygen towels are made to absorbe the most and dry the fastest, won't get loaded up with sand and they are so soft you'll want to snuggle in it.


Less is more. These towels are specially made for adventurer people, designed for easy traveling, the towels will barely fill a corner of your backpack, measures 180cm X 80cm yet folds down to a 20cm X 7cm roll. Each piece has a timeless style with quality as a primary focus.



Microfiber Towels. Try them yourself